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We offer legal services to many different clients, amongst who are both domestic and foreign natural persons, corporations, private and corporate investors, non-profit institutions and also municipalities.

Regardless of whom we represent, whether an investor or a divorcing wife (husband), we are always trying to do the same, i.e. to provide the desired legal service as good and effective as possible, so that the rights and valid claims are protected in the best way possible.

We do not differentiate “large” clients from the “small” ones. Our ambition is to attentively listen to our clients, perceive their needs and come up with adequate solutions, which would not only be legalistic, but also account for other aspects important for the client, such as the financial matter, preference to private arrangements in short-term horizons over long and problematic litigations with difficult to predict results.

We see the advocate’s role in solving disputes as a qualified legal advisor who is able to come up with alternate proposals beneficial to the client with the simultaneous respecting of the client’s defined limits dependant on the specific circumstances of the case in question.

An advocate thoroughly defending the client’s interests should be able to prevent the creation of disputes with regard to the fact that the legal prevention is usually much more interesting and less financial demanding to the client than solving already existing problems, and in case where the dispute is unavoidable to litigate in a way where the client is as procedurally successful as possible.

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