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The object of the advocacy is to protect proprietary rights and other interests of the client through legal instruments while respecting the client’s instructions. An attorney is liable for his activities to the client, whose interests he undertook to defend precisely and actively by taking over the case (by a special power of attorney).

The priority is to protect rights and interests of the client

In providing legal services the care is taken not only to find a legal solution of the problem, but also to find a solution, which will be suitable for the client due to economic, accounting and tax possibilities. Legal services are provided by respecting law, professional ethic rules and other internal provisions being established by Czech Bar Association (see duties of the attorney on

It is possible to provide legal service by private legal department, i.e. by employers who are liable for damage caused according to Labour Code or through an attorney who is insured for damage caused by using his services pursuant to actual demands with respect to solution of legal tasks.

Advocate`s escrow

The attorney may ensure safe storage of money and/or documents not only in real estate transactions and he is allowed to provide the object of escrow under the fulfilment of conditions contained in agreement on escrow. The agreement on escrow is a tripartite legal document entered into by the attorney as a custodian, by a depositor and a beneficiary.

The attorney will carry out an investigation in the agreed scope and time to analyze the existing legal risks and to suggest their optimal solutions. Legal audit takes place e.g. in takeover of business or it can serve also as a remedy for identification of areas to be improved

Remuneration of advocate can have pursuant to Bar Act and Bar Tariff for of contractual remuneration (agreed by agreement between advocate and client, usually calculated on a hour basis or by another way) or on non-contractual (remuneration determined by legal regulation – by executive regulation of Ministry of Justice No. No. 177/1996 Coll., about remunerations and reimbursements of advocates (Bar Tariff) as amended). Besides right on remuneration advocate has also right to have costs reimbursed and on reimbursement for loss of time related to travelling to trials or another proceedings.

The provided legal services have been charged in monthly period (except of different agreement with client) in such way, that the enclosure of an invoice is a detailed specification of legal performances including date and time of rendered legal performance.