REJMAN advokáti s.r.o.
IČ: 14034395, DIČ: CZ14034395
U Prašné brány 1079/3
110 00 Praha 1

Tel.: (+420) 222 233 317
Mob.: (+420) 606 853 095
Skype: rejmanlegal

Comprehensive legal services in Czech or English language are being rendered to clients, particularly in areas mentioned below:

Setting up entities and agency of firms

  • Setting up business entities, branches
  • Realization of changes in Registers
  • Legal assistance within holding General Meeting
  • Setting up foreign branches

Contractual Agency

  • Preparation and revision of contracts
  • International purchase agreement/ ten commandments for entering into a contract

Real Property

  • Representation of seller and buyer
  • Representation of lessor and lessee
  • Preparation of purchase agreements or lease agreements (flats, buildings, lands, non-residential premises)
  • Contracts for the transfer of membership rights (cooperative apartments) and preparation of the statements of the owners
  • Legal support of developer’s projects
  • Solution of relations to immovable property (settlement/division) in connection with a divorce

Business transactions and acquisition

  • Legal audits (due diligence)
  • Preparation of legal documents
  • Full legal assistance to investors

Dispute settlement

  • Civil proceedings
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Comparison of civil proceeding and Arbitration
  • Mediation in a shortcut

Receivables collection

  • Enforcing of receivables

Employment Law

  • Employment agreement
  • Changes and termination of employment relationship
  • Liability for damage caused
  • Protection of rights and interests of the employer or employees in the employment relationships
  • Employment disputes and their prevention

Aliances and joint-venture

  • Alliances and associations of independent entrepreneurs to achieve the common purpose
  • Joint-venture (společný podnik)


  • Legal security of transfer of minor activities to external supplier

Management consulting

  • Protection of governing bodies and management in connection with duty to take reasonable care (good governance)