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• In favour of a state allowance organisation, whose employee had committed a misappropriation by means of issuance of unauthorised invoices for unapproved substantial personal rewards in order to get financial means for purchase of a housing unit, we enforced whole misappropriated amount together with appurtenances and costs for complete legal representation including criminal and civil proceedings and also representation of the damaged organisation in a controlled sale of the housing unit in cooperation with three regional real estate agencies selected by us, one of which succeeded in the sale of the unit within a relatively short time; the remaining part of the financial means was enforced in the civil proceedings and subsequent sale of co-ownership share in another real estate;

• We provided complete legal service to a reputable U.S. company undertaking a business in engineering and having branches also in India and China with the starting up of the business in the Czech Republic through a newly established subsidiary which arranges service of products of the parent company and sale of spare parts throughout the Europe and Near East;

• We helped to achieve a retrial for two foreigners, U.S. citizens, who had faced unlawful administrative expulsion from the Czech Republic on the grounds that their passports contained incorrect information about length of their residence permit in the territory of the Slovak Republic;

• For our client we negotiated terms of the lease of non-residential premises for an atypical non-commercial activity and we ensured that such terms were properly included in the corresponding agreement;

• For a commercial company having a real estate franchise license for the territory of the Czech Republic we helped to negotiate favourable terms of an out of court settlement with a franchisee, who had not been fulfilling its contractual obligations;

• We enforced a receivable of a housing association against its members in delay with payment of their duties, which had been unsettled for a long lime, without necessity to start long and expensive court proceedings;

• In a court proceedings we managed to achieve satisfaction of client’s restitution claim in the form of obtaining alternative real estate as a result of a resolution of the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic in proceedings based on an extraordinary appeal;

• By means of court proceedings and in cooperation with cooperating court executor we enforced a wage claim of a disabled client against his former employer, including appurtenances and legal costs;

• We provided legal service to a limited liability company having a foreign owner in connection with the change of its ownership structure, increase of registered capital and capitalisation of receivables;

• We helped an organisation with a global activity in matter of obtaining long-term residence permits in the territory of the Czech Republic for some of its members;

• For a long time we are helping foreign owner with the administration of his tourism-oriented commercial object in the Czech Republic and to further develop his business;

• We legally represented a group of real estate owners in a court dispute, in which a third party claimed the determination that it was the owner of such real estate, and we managed to achieve the rejection of the lawsuit and to avoid undesirable complications that unfavourable court decision could cause (e.g. possibility of mortgage banks to ask clients for an additional security to provided loans);

• For real estate agencies or directly for sellers and purchasers we helped in realisation of many real estate transfers when using advocate custody (maintained in CZK and EUR) as a safe instrument for payment of the purchase price.